Smile…and see how things light up around you :)

Sometimes, all it takes is to force yourself to smile, hard as it may be, especially when you feel rotten to your stomach. But, somehow, magic happens with even just the slightest smile. Have you just heard some devastating news? Do you feel the world’s weight on your chest? Are depressive thoughts occupying your mind? Are things not going well with your job? Your family? Your studies?

The face always bears witness to the hurt and pain you may be going through. It sends out a silent message to those around you that your mood is anything but jolly. And, like the dreaded flu, your gloomy mood is likely to spread and rub off on friends whom you are with.

Smile Iya

So, at that very moment, try it – summon enough courage within you, and SMILE. Just do it. No, not a silly smile, not that type of smile. But an almost inwardly smile that will tell you “it’s going to be alright…” And more often than not, things do get better. Your head begins to hum a cheerful tune. The birds’ sporadic tweets become a delight to your ears. Your dogs barking don’t annoy you like they used to. Rather, you now appreciate their excitement because, after all, their barks just says, “so glad you’re back!” And goodness gracious! Was that your neighbor smiling back at you? Who would have thought!

All because you’ve decided a smile is what you’d wear today.

I don’t profess to have the explanations for why smiling does what it does. I only know the positive effects it brings. Sometimes, smiling already solves half of the problem. It creates a pleasant atmosphere which in turn attracts those much needed positive energies…and of course, you know the rest. Simply put, smiling acts as a springboard to a cheerful disposition.

Smiling is also a healthy exercise, so do it as often as you can – it lowers blood pressure, it reduces stress levels, and don’t forget, it prevents the formation of those dreaded crease lines on your face. Remember the saying “it takes 13 muscles to smile and 33 to frown.” Go flex your muscles elsewhere in your body, but save your face. You don’t need them muscles working on your face.

As Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”


[I first posted this article in another blog of mine, Eastbaylandscape, but I have decided to make that exclusively a blog about real estate.]