Maltese puppy guards the door :)

Our Maltese puppy, Poochie, was already leashed up, so he knew he was going with us to hike. This time, we were going to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, which has relatively easy trails to hike, mostly flat and gradual slopes. Plus the overcast weather made it a perfect day for walking the dogs, since the park’s open, treeless trails can be quite harsh during hot, sunny days.

Poochie wanted to make sure he was not going to be left behind, inspite of the leash on him, which was frequently a sign that he was going “somewhere” outside the house. And so he patiently watched our every move, staying as close to the door as possible, guarding it with his life, as if to say, “You’re not leaving without me!”

Poochie waiting by door

“You’re not leaving without me!”

Of course, he went with us for the walk. Along with Mitzy, our mini-schnauzer, they took in all the fresh air and natural beauty of Coyote Hills. What a treat!


Poochie walking at Fox Creek.jpg

Mitzy, our mini-schnauzer, leads the trail, while Poochie happily follows.


A tepee used by Native Americans is displayed at the Visitors Center of Coyote Hills Regional National Park.