Shoplifters beware sign scares! Yukon law rules :)

We were enjoying shopping & window shopping in Yukon, Canada, which was one the tour stops of our Alaskan cruise, when the sign below came into view as we entered one store.

“Shoplifters will be shot…This is the law of the Yukon. And we don’t call 911.”

Loud and clear! Not that the intention was there, but now I found my every move calculated and careful. Intentionally, I distanced myself from from crowds, lest the powers that be suspect some collaboration. I became very conscious of the items I touch, careful not to hold on to it longer than necessary.

It was uncomfortable. But heck, this is Yukon land. And a tourist center, at that. Visitors can be plenty, perhaps in numbers that could be difficult to manage; all want to get a piece of Yukon – attractive souvenir items, dream catchers, key chains loosely hanging by the wall.

And maybe some shoppers get carried away. Or should I say, the items get carried away from the store, without passing the store owner’s cash register. Hence the sign.