5 Places to Visit While in Dallas/Fort Worth

It was a quick 3-day trip to Dallas/Fort Worth for a real estate convention, and so we wanted to make the most of our short stay, and absorb as much of Texas’ sights and sounds as possible. Okay, it was more the sights rather than the sounds.

For one, I found their freeways and bridges bursting with the Lone Star symbol.

SAM_0391 - Copy.jpg

Lone Star symbols on freeways, bridges

There was so much to see of Fort Worth, Dallas, and in between. In fact, the 5 places listed here are but a few of what there is to see.

Our trip happened in June 2012, and during that time, Fort Worth’s rich and colorful history was nicely showcased at the 150 Years of Fort Worth Museum, specifically at Fire Station No. 1. It was quite an interesting array of photos and artifacts, representing Texas’ early native culture. That exhibit has now closed, although it will be one that I would highly recommend to first-time visitors, if it were still open. Anyhow, I have some photos to remember the experience.

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So here are some of the places we visited, not in any particular order, that somehow left delightful imprints in our hearts.


1) The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

The sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building (formerly the Texas School Book Depository) holds a lot of intriguing information about the assassination of the 35th American President, John F. Kennedy.

Viewing the “X” mark on the street from the window said to be the origin of the infamous shot that killed the former president – it was quite appalling, at the same time, captivating. We also walked to the grassy knoll where other experts have theorized another shot came from. A little eerie feeling came over me, but only for a bit.

History buffs, this is a place not to miss when in Dallas.

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2) Dallas World Aquarium

We’ve heard a lot about Dallas World Aquarium, so right after our historic Dealey Plaza stroll, we headed to see exotic birds, incredible rainforest, exciting marine life and animals of different shapes and sizes. I was thrown off by its “Aquarium” name, as it was not really an aquarium. It had more of an open exhibit platform, and was not confined to water or marine animals. Zoo is more like it. But oh well, what’s in a name.

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3) Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Nature lovers should not miss this haven, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, the oldest botanic garden in Texas. With a variety of gardens within, we were able to set sights on Texas Native Forest Boardwalk, and the blooms and colors were simply astounding.

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4) Round Rock Donuts

Of course, we had to try the world famous Texas-sized donut. Round Rock Donuts it is! It’s a humongous orange donut, quite impossible for one human to consume. Good thing we had company to help us get the job done.




5) Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arlington

And what the heck, why not. It was no football season, but we were going to pass Arlington in transit back to Fort Worth, so we figured we should at least get a glimpse of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, now renamed  AT&T Stadium. Home of the NFL team Dallas Cowboys, the stadium boasts a retractable roof and a seating capacity of 80,000, making it the 3rd largest stadium in the NFL.


Dallas Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium)


I’m so blessed to have traveled miles to witness the wonders our world holds. Thank you, my Dear Lord.