The day I discovered Library eBooks

I’ve heard about eBooks from Kindle and Play Store, and I’m sure there are lot more applications out there offering digital books. And for some time, I read several eBooks that I’ve downloaded from Play Store. Free, of course. I wasn’t comfortable with the paid eBooks. It was like paying something that was up in the air. Couldn’t hold it. Couldn’t touch it. Couldn’t keep it in the book shelf.

The only digital writings available for free download were the sample readings, which will only whet your appetite and make you want to crave for more. How frustrating is that.

And so, in order to read books by John Grisham or James Patterson, I would either have to buy the hard copy itself, or go to the public library.

That’s until I discovered my library – Alameda County Library – had eBooks that one can “borrow” and read online. And FREE, of course! How cool is that.

I discovered eBooks from the library when I went online to extend the return dates for the physical books I borrowed.


Here’s how the eBook looks from my cell phone:

I can now borrow and read books that I want, all from the comfort of my home!