Inside a cruise ship – a tour in itself

All aboard!

The first cruise we took was a modest one, but not by any means a crummy one. After all, Mediterranean cruise is a lot of dollars, any way you look at it. So I made sure I made the most of it, both inside and outside the ship.

So in between docks, we went on a random exploration of what the ship had to offer.



Our cabin was not too bad, just the right size for two adults who are bent on spending more time out in the open air, open seas, than inside the cabin. Just the same, the crew made our bed like we were royals.


If you’re taking special group tours, this is where you sign up.



Go for a swim, or read a book beside the pool. Then there’s that disco/restaurant up above that looks like a UFO. Let’s party!



Open air bar offers drinks. Sky’s the limit!



Food arrangements are endless.


Filipino master chef displays his carving skills with fruits. Marvel at the finished product!

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More artful carvings using fruits, and even pastries and dough.

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Then there’s formal dining. We get to wear the one formal outfit we packed in our luggage.



This is how you play with your table napkins when you’re bored.


Our gratitude to the crew – friendly, helpful, cheeful.

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