Puyas and more blooms at UC Botanical Garden

Puya berteroana, that’s the name of the exotic flowers that are in full bloom this month of April at the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley. Originally from Chile, Puyas’ color is mesmerizing with its blue green petals, interspersed among spikes of greens extending to the sky.



And while our trip to Berkeley was single mindedly focused on the Puyas, our eyes feasted on other delightful sights of beautiful flowers, showing off their full colors.


The garden’s cactus collection – some thornier than the others, but all equally full of pride.


And the garden of herbs, each with a medicinal purpose. I like the herbs for dye, I’m hoping it’s used for the hair, and can provide a better alternative to harsh drug store hair dyes.



There was a lot more to explore at the UC Botanical Garden – the orchids, sunflowers, lilies, and so on. But for now, I’m happy I saw the Puyas. And the cacti. And the herbs.