Time to relax … when?

LateYOU START YOUR DAY with a hurried cup of coffee. Then you’re off to an early morning meeting with a client. After that, you only have 30 minutes to get to the title company for a signoff. You get to the office, and you get settled at your computer – blogging, MLS listing, MLS searches, blogging, Facebook, Trulia, blogging, Zillow, etc. It’s 4 pm, and you have a listing presentation, so off you go.

And during this whole time, you have your iPhone next to you, picking up calls throughout the day.

Time is not on your side when you’re busy. And busy and relaxing don’t mix, just like drinking and driving. So when will you have time to relax? When you’re not busy? But when you’re not busy, you don’t need time to relax – you are already relaxed!


So really, the time to relax is when you are stressing at work, when your work load is heavy, when you’re driving and you’re mistaking left for right and you end up in a dead end street, when you can’t understand how you’ve set up two meetings at the same time.

As American journalist, Sydney J. Harris, put it:

Best time to relax