Healing and forgiving

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We came to visit, with great expectations of a happy get-together, a reunion of some sorts. But I guess it takes only one individual to drown out the fun and laughter. I told myself it’s so unfair to let this one person ruin the well intentions of the rest of the friends and family who came to re-create bonds and express well wishes for one another.

The few words you uttered left a bitter aftertaste that spoiled our appetite, despite the delicious and generous food prepared for the occasion. And the few minutes you spent left a scathing wound in my heart that will last a very long time, if not forever.

Although I went along with your sarcasm, I slowly came to realize how a careless spew of words exposed the bitterness you have long kept in your sorry self, how the character of your person is actually an empty vessel of nothingness.

I feel so sorry for you.

You cannot judge me by an event you know nothing about. And while I could not have stopped you from your rant, I will now stop you from entering my space again. Best I can do to help you. And me. I cannot let hurt and hate linger and enslave my soul. It’s just not worth it.

And so I have started healing and forgiving.I hope you do the same.

May His mercy and justice prevail.