Vacation and the lull thereafter

collage-2016-08-25 (1).png

It was meant to be a month long vacation, and with it, a hiatus from writing for the same period of time. But, my, how time flew and went past me. I have been back for more than one month, the vacation was over, but the silence was not. Writing was not one on my fun list of things to do. I guess there comes a time in one’s life when expression was best achieved with silence.

Every time I sat down and faced my computer to write, all I did was relive in my mind the experiences I gained from my journey to the Philippines. Reminiscing and reliving the memories would consume me for hours on end, often smiling inwardly, at times laughing out loud (LOL!), but not one word would come out of the keyboard in front of me. Then I would wander off to browsing the pictures on my files – gazillions of them – bringing vividness and life to the people and places that were all part of my month-long sojourn.

One would think that I would not be lacking in inspiration and topics to write about, what with the richness and abundance of places I have traveled – the historic Manila Hotel where I was witness to an elaborate wedding of a family member; the Luneta Park with the monument of our national hero, Jose Rizal, whose once unobstructed skyline was recently ruined by a newly constructed high-rise building (now referred to as the national “photobomb”); the white sand that covers the beaches of Boracay; the breathtaking Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Cebu; the Lantaw Native Restaurant in Cebu, which gifts your eyes with one of the best panoramic views of the city and blesses your palate with a wonderful array of local cuisine; a remote village near Bacolod City called The Lord’s Prayer Mountain, where the cool, gentle wind penetrates right through the core of one’s spiritual being; and, the Rafael Salas Park and Nature Center near Bacolod City, a sanctuary to some of the country’s critically endangered tree species.

That does not even cover half of the beautiful spots I’ve been fortunate enough to see during my stay. And not to mention the memorable reunions with old friends and family, classmates, former co-workers, and new friendships created along the way. Yes, there was plenty to stir the pen.

I realize that silence was my way of carefully nurturing the memories, cautiously keeping them within the confines of my heart as long as possible. As if writing about them will make the bubble burst. As if sharing them will dilute the pureness of the experience. And so procrastination was my friend.

But now the itch is back. And here I spilled it all out in one burp. But not quite. I must admit I did not give justice to the beauty of the places I just described. One line just doesn’t do it. Each place is a story to tell. And tell I will.