Merville – Dealing with Airplane Noise

Have you ever experienced an airplane flying over your roof? I mean right above the roof, just a few seconds after taking off from the tarmac?

Can you imagine the thunderous, deafening roar produced by such a takeoff? Did it feel like your house was vibrating too?

Ok, imagine that happening at least twenty times over throughout the day. And night. Actually, there is a lull of a few hours at night, thank you, just in time for you to get in bed and drift into a state of tranquility and quiet. Then one hour past midnight, you are suddenly jolted out of your pleasant dreams, and once again reminded that you are in Merville Subdivision of Paranaque City, Philippines – a mere 3 miles away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. And even closer when, from your balcony, you actually have a visual of a Philippine Airlines plane on the tarmac, past the rooftops, behind the trees, just before the Philippine Airlines building, waiting to takeoff.


View from the balcony

Residents of Merville are already used to the airplane noise, but that is not to say the effects on their health and sanity are not significant, if not alarming. Despite repeated pleas from homeowners for legislative measures that would abate the noise pollution caused by intrusive airplanes, none has come to fruition. It is my hope that the villagers continue to create as loud a noise as possible until those in power have eardrums ready to explode. Then I’m sure they’ll pay attention.

Meanwhile, what do you do when the planes come roaring above day in, day out. Well, to say the obvious, you learn to live with it, or rather, ignore it. As they say, if you can’t beat ‘em…adjust. Conversations are predictably halted once the plane soars overhead; it’s like playing the dance freeze in reverse. When watching TV, you will have to rely on your wits to fill in the gap, or brush up on your lip-reading skills. Earplugs is another option, especially when you’re trying to read a book or get some sleep. Meditation helps, but discipline is key to finding quiet and calm amid the noise distraction.

Otherwise, life goes on. As is.

“I rant and rave about noise pollution.”
– Robert Carlyle