Redwood Regional Park – another hiking trail explored

A beautiful forest right in the city of Oakland, and I can finally proudly say ‘been there, done that.’ Redwood Regional Park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored by hikers, nature lovers and picnic-goers. In the 1800s, the area where the park now stands used to be a logging site, supplying the heavy construction demand in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For first-timers like us, we started with an easy trail called Stream Trail – a one-mile stretch of semi-paved trail, with signs to guide you all throughout. The hot summer day did not stop us from enjoying our hike; the tall redwood trees were shielding us from the heat of the sun.


We took the Stream Trail – an easy, paved one-mile stretch.


Towering redwood trees reaching out to the infinite sky.


We came across a short bridge, quite sturdy enough for 17 tons of haul!


Redwood Park was not lacking in helpful signs, especially for first-timers like us.


The sun was up, a scorching hot day, but the trees provided a cool shade and a comfortable hike!


How old could this tree be?


Even Mitzy was enjoying a sniff here and there. Hey…that’s poison oak!!!


We came upon a wooden deck and paused to freeze the moment.