The joke’s on me

Our laughter knew no bounds, our chitchats were recklessly uncensored. Our private jokes were just that…too private it’s embarrassing to even repeat to others. Two old women whose imaginations are as fertile as the green, green grass of home, pun intended.

I felt our vibes were beyond just being close. We were practically connected to the guts, sharing what there is to share about our friends, your friends mostly. With all sincerity, we felt extremely sorry for Coreen whose marriage was unquestionably going to the rocks, but who stubbornly chooses to stay with her husband ; Irene whose adult son was forever freeloading off of his yielding mother, who hoped this would compensate for a broken family. And it pained us when you heard that Eve’s illness has returned with a vengeance.

Oftentimes, you’d let me listen in on your phone conversations with your friends, who had no clue that a silent third party was part of the call. And then the unthinkable happened. The topic shifted to me. And it was not pleasant.

A cold realization came upon me. A bitter understanding of the harsh truth that it hurts most when you didn’t see it coming.

Karma. Fate. Or just a bad joke. This much I know. Jokes don’t discriminate. Now it’s on me.


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