For love of hiking

Day after the rain, we bravely trekked to Dry Creek Regional Park to get a taste of the wet soil on our shoes, admire the rolling hills cloaked in a blanket of new, bright green, and breathe clean and refreshing, albeit chilly air into our lungs.

20170306_113934 (480x640)

We expected wet trails.

20170306_113617_Burst01 (640x480)

Uprooted tree drawing a long necked animal in the sky.

20170306_120225 (480x640)

Be careful where you step!

20170306_120314 - Copy (640x427)

At some point, you’ll just have to accept your shoes’ fate.

20170302_110844 (480x640)

Of course, Mitzy came along.

20170306_123335_Burst01 (640x480)

Grazing cows. Mitzy gave chase to one of them!

20170306_115316_Burst01 (640x480)

A short pause to listen to the waters.

20170306_115958_Burst01 (640x480)

Then an abrupt stop. A small landslide blocked our trail. Time to head back.

20170306_124012 (640x480)

A rewarding sight after the hike.