One Saturday in Half Moon Bay

We started the day driving to Pillar Point Harbor, browsing the many fishermen plying their trade right from their docked boats. As they proudly display their catch, the visiting consumers poke their noses and compete to take home the freshest that the sea could give out – crabs, bass, trouts,sea urchins and whatever else is in season.

20170311_112435 (480x640).jpg

Pillar Point Harbor

20170311_112621 (640x566)

Seafood fresh off the boat!

We then leisurely walked to Princeton Seafood Company which has become quite a landmark in Half Moon Bay and is a popular meeting place for tourists and locals alike.  The sight of a long line at the window did not really bother us; we had all the time to wait. Once we placed our order – fish and chips and clam chowder – we settled on one of the tables for another wait. Other customers would bring in their live crabs to have it cooked here  for a minimal fee.

20170311_114918 (640x480).jpg

Fish and chips and clam chowder

20170311_122144_Burst01 (640x480).jpg

One more pose with Mitzy before heading off to the beach.

With the sun at full blast on a beautiful Saturday morning, it was no surprise to find Highway 1 lined up with vehicles parked on both sides of the street. Everyone wanted to get a piece of the sun, a welcome break indeed from the soggy, muddy coasts brought about by the recent rains.

Surfing enthusiasts came. So did joggers, bicyclists, kids and their dogs. The mood was festive. This is Maverick’s Beach, and it also happens to be the sight of one of the biggest surfing competions in the world.

20170311_130036_Burst01 (640x480).jpg

Surfers gearing up. 

The photo below captures the breadth and stature of the beach, seemingly daunting, yet radiating a sense of calm. A kick of adrenalin too awaits surfers that are afloat in the waters (if you look more closely, you will spot at least five surfers) waiting to catch the next rush of waves.

20170311_124326 (768x1024).jpg

Those tiny black dots in the ocean are actually surfers waiting for the next surge of waves.

Strolling further along the coast, the landscape becomes more dramatic, more serene. There is less activity going on except for strollers exploring the wall formations, or those just passing through.

20170311_131132 (480x640)

Steep wall of bluff – what a sight! 

20170311_130849 (640x480)

Embracing the cool, crisp air amid the scenic coastline.

From the shoreline, we started our ascent back to Highway 1, and ran into the beginning of a paved trail called Mirada Surf.

20170311_132658_Burst01 (640x480)

Mirada Surf trail up ahead.

The thing about breathing fresh, ocean air into your lungs is that its relaxing effect gives way to a pleasantly tranquil disposition throughout the day. Better than a sleeping pill, it prepares you for a deep, restful night ahead.

And that’s exactly what happened.