Dogs collaborate too


Poochie, preparing to pull the blanket off my face. 

They heard the alarm clock go off. Mitzy. Poochie. Betchay. All three of them, my lil pups, they all knew what that meant.

But I wasn’t moving. I was still curled up in bed, blanket up to my face, a slight snore buzzing from under the sheets, with no intent to get up.

They knew what to do.

As if acting on a silent prompt, they all understood, each had a task to do. Mitzy, my schnauzer, began to bark with her signature high pitch drill. Poochie, my maltese, went for my head, pulling the blanket that covered it, and licked my face to no end. And Betchay, my other maltese (the younger), got hold of my slightly exposed foot and started to scratch it with her two paws, as if she was in search of her lost toy.

And they succeeded. They won. I got up.

It was time to feed them.