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Life Quotes and then some
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This page was created to celebrate life, by way of quotes, videos and pictures. In the same manner, this page pays tribute to little puppies out there, of course, with special mention to three of my own – Mitzy (my 10-year old mini-schnauzer, the eldest among the three, seemingly very mellow, but take her hiking on no-leash trails, and watch her run and hop like a rabbit, diabetes notwisthstanding!), Poochie (my Maltese dog, who likes to show he’s the boss in the house, he’s daddy to the youngest family member), and Betchay (another Maltese, whose sweet, pleading eyes always make their way to our hearts, and so she gets lots of hugs and belly rubs).
Lastly, our love for travel has led us to many wonderful places in the world, and so this page is aimed as well in sharing with you the amazing experiences from such travels.
 Life Quotes and then some.