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Mitzy’s (Too) Early Morning Drive to Stockton

Early morning travel for Mitzy


Dogs collaborate too

They heard the alarm clock go off. Mitzy. Poochie. Betchay. All three of them, my lil pups, they all knew what that meant.

Body Language

Mitzy won’t talk to me!

Patience and Mitzy

Patience is painted all over Mitzy’s face as she calmly waits for her human to finish up her cooking class.

For love of hiking

Day after the rain, we bravely trekked to Dry Creek Regional Park to get a taste of the wet soil on our shoes, admire the rolling hills cloaked in a blanket of new,… Continue reading

Bangs. No bangs.

Mitzy embracing the warmth of the morning sun

Poochie says no work today

Lil Pups Territory

My dogs are certified couch potatoes!

Mini-schnauzer’s impatient look

When you catch that look in Mitzy’s eyes saying: “Aren’t we going yet!”