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One Saturday in Half Moon Bay

We started the day driving to Pillar Point Harbor, browsing the many fishermen plying their trade right from their docked boats. As they proudly display their catch, the visiting consumers poke their noses… Continue reading

10 things I love about Fremont, California

Being the fourth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fremont has quite a diverse mix of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Having been a resident of this city for the last 20… Continue reading

How to drink from Rome’s water fountains

There is never a shortage of water in Rome, thanks to the fountains, or nasoni, spread all over Rome. And yes, it is clean, drinkable water, flowing freely for everyone’s consumption. Here’s a short… Continue reading

Super Jeepney – Only in the Philippines!

Jeepneys have ruled the streets of Manila as far as I can remember.

Waterfalls Restaurant – a relaxing experience at Villa Escudero Resort

It’s a one of a kind experience, having lunch against a backdrop of the roaring waterfalls and actually feeling the splash of the falls right on our feet. This resort is the pride of… Continue reading

Redwood Regional Park – another hiking trail explored

A beautiful forest right in the city of Oakland, and I can finally proudly say ‘been there, done that.’ Redwood Regional Park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored by hikers, nature… Continue reading

Boracay – Then and Now

Pictures don’t do much justice to the beauty of Boracay, at least that’s true for the pictures I’ve taken. The white sands of the beach is easy enough to describe, it simply illuminates… Continue reading

Sunset and Driving

Merville – Dealing with Airplane Noise

Have you ever experienced an airplane flying over your roof? I mean right above the roof, just a few seconds after taking off from the tarmac? Can you imagine the thunderous, deafening roar… Continue reading

Vacation and the lull thereafter

It was meant to be a month long vacation, and with it, a hiatus from writing for the same period of time. But, my, how time flew and went past me. I have… Continue reading