You can reach your goal, one step at a time.

One day, you will see your dreams come true. Bit by bit, step by step, as long as you work with the vision of reaching your goal, you’ll get there. You’ll see. Advertisements

Encourage me

Encourage me. But don’t flaunt your success as if it should be my goal as well. Encourage me. But don’t push me to a cliff where there’s no other way but downward. Encourage… Continue reading

10 Beautiful Flower Quotes


Hiking with Mitzy at Dry Creek

The welcoming view as we set to hike at Dry Creek Park. Dry Creek Park has always been a paradise treat for my mini-schnauzer, Mitzy. It’s her Disneyland where she’s an eternal puppy,… Continue reading

Birthdays are like Golf.

Birthdays is not a numbers game; it’s about how you’ve danced with life. And most golfers will agree, it’s the swing that keeps the ball rolling. So who’s counting? Aptly said: “Birthdays are… Continue reading

Charlie Chaplin on Luxury

The dictionary defines LUXURY as a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth. A second definition goes like this – something that is expensive and not necessary. I think that’s why… Continue reading

Who’s the lucky wife?

I saw this sign on a window at a store in Fremont’s historic Niles district, home to many Charlie Chaplin films, including Broncho Billy. “Your husband called me…He said to buy anything you want!”… Continue reading

Maltese puppy guards the door :)

Our Maltese puppy, Poochie, was already leashed up, so he knew he was going with us to hike. This time, we were going to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, which has relatively… Continue reading

Maltese hiding under the covers. So cute!

Poochie tries to get away with another one of his antics. 🙂

Speak the truth. Always.

Lies have many confusing versions. But there is only one version of the truth. The TRUTH.