Quote on (not) seeing eye to eye

Memorable quotes from Jodi Picoult’s “leaving time”

I just recently finished reading the book, “Leaving Time,” a brilliant novel that centers around a teenage girl in search of her mother. The story is interlaced with the lives and social behaviors of a psychic, a… Continue reading

MLK Jr said it best – tolerating evil

I will be a hypocrite if I say that I have never tolerated an act or deed by looking the other way. It stabs right at the heart. But you do what you can.… Continue reading

Quote by Paulo Coelho

Gandhi quote…finding yourself.

Anger quote by Phyllis Diller

Rant…but stop the rant already!

For love of hiking

Day after the rain, we bravely trekked to Dry Creek Regional Park to get a taste of the wet soil on our shoes, admire the rolling hills cloaked in a blanket of new,… Continue reading

A new beginning

Hiking made more enjoyable by the refreshing sight and scent of cut grass, creating its own trails, making way for a richer, greener pasture. It’s like breathing life into life. A new beginning… Continue reading

Bangs. No bangs.

About life’s trials