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10 things I love about Fremont, California

Being the fourth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fremont has quite a diverse mix of cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Having been a resident of this city for the last 20… Continue reading

No hidden agendas with FRIENDSHIP

I accepted you as my friend. It was the most natural thing to do. How could I not. You bring out the wackiest in me, the laughter we shared is so indelibly marked… Continue reading

When white lies become a habit…

“Enough white lies can scorch the earth black.”  – Isaac Marion

The joke’s on me

Our laughter knew no bounds, our chitchats were recklessly uncensored. Our private jokes were just that…too private it’s embarrassing to even repeat to others. Two old women whose imaginations are as fertile as the… Continue reading

Mini-schnauzer’s impatient look

When you catch that look in Mitzy’s eyes saying: “Aren’t we going yet!”

What your clenched fist means

The bottomline is there is no half-hearted sincerity.

How to drink from Rome’s water fountains

There is never a shortage of water in Rome, thanks to the fountains, or nasoni, spread all over Rome. And yes, it is clean, drinkable water, flowing freely for everyone’s consumption. Here’s a short… Continue reading

Super Jeepney – Only in the Philippines!

Jeepneys have ruled the streets of Manila as far as I can remember.

Makes sense to me!!!